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Hobbit-Mania’ Kicks off in Wellington

The long-awaited film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey held its world premier in Wellington, New Zealand on Wednesday, November 28th. The film is a follow-up to the blockbuster Lord of the Rings trilogy, depicting the adventures of Bilbo Baggins prior to the events of the previous films. Once again, the adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work will come out as a trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. Seasonz had the honor of handling many VIP concierge arrangements.

 A Star-Studded Release

 The world premier kept businesses around Wellington busy with many celebrities, including director Sir Peter Jackson, on site along with devoted fans. Most of the rest of the film’s cast was also at the release, with only Sir Ian McKellen, who played the wizard Gandalf the Grey, not appearing. Despite his absence, McKellen still addressed the crowd by video, where he referred to Wellington as his spiritual home. Many of the stars in attendance had great things to say about the filming experience and about New Zealand in general. The praise for the country and the filming experience ranged from large to small, with James Nesbitt, the actor who portrayed Bofur the dwarf, complimenting the country’s wine.

 VIPs Galore

 Many people traveled to Wellington to get a chance to be a part of the special night at the Embassy Theatre. In addition to the cast of the movie, other VIPs included Prime Minister John Kay and Chris Hallett, who stated that he had been a fan of the classic fantasy story since he first read it in sixth grade. Here at Seasonz Travel we understand the scope of services required for dealing with VIP’s such as celebrities and government officials and offer a range of VIP concierge services which we were proud to provide to many of the VIP’s attending the premier. We have been kept very busy along with many other New Zealand travel services, which had to cater to over 100,000 fans at the premier. Filming made an even greater impact among the New Zealand travel agencies, with approximately 6,700 domestic flights taken, 93,000 hotel beds filled, and 18,000 rental cars used during the making of The Hobbit film.

 A Grand Opening for a Grand Endeavour

 The Hobbit film released this year is just the first of three epic fantasy movies which will be released between 2012 and 2014. The films bring to life one of the great classics of fantasy literature in the same spirit that The Lord of the Rings films did to Tolkien’s longer works. Many of the actors from the original trilogy are returning, and a host of new talent has signed on. Jackson, a native of New Zealand, has long believed that his home country is the perfect place to recreate Tolkien’s fantastic world of Middle Earth, thanks to its terrific scenery and distinctive landmarks.

 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is expected to set box office records in the coming weeks, and will likely provide a boom to New Zealand’s tourism business, since the film will show off so many breathtaking landmarks.

 If you would like to visit New Zealand and see where some of the most magical films ever have been created, then Seasonz can help provide you with a tailor-made New Zealand holiday that shows you the very best of what our beautiful country has to offer!


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