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Come with us and let’s discover your luxury, in the sea, sand and some of the finest hospitality the South Pacific has on offer.

With a remarkable 333 tropical islands to choose from, we’re certain to find your kind of experience in Fiji. From sailing to surfing to tramping to golfing, there’s some of what you love hidden away, here. Let us put together a Fijian adventure that’ll make you say, “Bula”. It’s Fijian for welcome, come on in, enjoy your day, keep well, be happy, bon appetite… Bula means a hundred different very good things and, with the journey we’ll put together, you can expect to be hearing and using it often.

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Ocean Play | Fiji

7 Days

TIn the clear waters of Vomo certified divers have their choice of stunning diving every day. With 5 dive sites within 5-10 minutes by boat or further afield the choice is yours. You will encounter vast coral formations, close encounters with truly stunning marine life.

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